Whoop whoop!!! Our IT team is THE BEST! Thanks Clinton!!!

Christie McCray

Masters of Biomedical Sciences

Thanks so much Clinton! We are all very grateful to have such a sweet TV!!!

Hannah Cunningham


Thank you for all that you do to help us!

Christie T. McCray

Adminstrative Coordinator

You deserve a gold star today! 🙂

Linda Lee


Sharon Kaiser is wonderful to work with and provides terrific support and technical guidance!

Jessica Womack

Darren was extremely courteous and helpful in the upgrade process. I really appreciate his help and expertise.

Mark Winkler

Darren was incredibly helpful and professional. Thank you!

Jeffrey Smith

They were super awesome and fast and even cleaned my screen for me, thank you!

Megan Kelly

Darren was incredibly helpful and courteous!

Mara Storto

Darren is very courteous and friendly.

Faith Rialem

Sharon was great to work with!

Shirley Morton

The team was incredibly helpful and does an amazing job of calming the nerves for those of us that are technologically challenged. Thank you!

Ashley Curcio

He was awesome.

Deborah Fidelman