What is Scope?

Scope is a system to collect and analyze data on Duke School of Medicine students from application through practice. We use these data to gain insight into our curriculum and discover opportunities to improve student experience and success during their time at Duke Med.

Whence the name?

  • The word Scope is not an acronym.
  • Medical professionals use lots of scopes. There are stethoscopes, microscopes, ophthalmoscopes, laparoscopes, etc. There’s a whole lotta scopin’ goin’ on. So here, we have a datascope.
  • We use this application to track medical students over the full scope of their careers from application to medical school through practice.
  • As a doctor uses a stethoscope to diagnose a patient, we use Scope to diagnose our medical education programs.
  • The stethoscope is an iconic symbol of medicine. Its round, business end meshes well with the shape of a pie chart we use to visualize data, thereby linking the concepts of medicine and data analysis. It also works well as the letter O in the word SCOPE.
  • Once we’re using a stethoscope as part of the branding, we can get some mileage out of the hose to form the S in Scope because that letter has no corners. It wouldn’t work well with, say, a K.
  • The three slices of the pie chart obviously represent Scope’s overall purpose of data analysis, but they also represent three main phases of a medical career: medical school, residency and, the largest, years of practice.
  • Scope is a short word, easy to speak and spell.
  • Scope can be a noun and a verb, thereby encouraging its adoption in conversation.
  • We can use the same colors in the logo pie chart and the app UI elements to create a nice, unified design.
  • The three-slice pie chart makes a good favicon.
  • It gave me the chance to use the word whence in a web application.
  • Leaves your data feeling minty fresh.